Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sew what?

So we're all 21st century people here right? Well, maybe not, but anyway... We can get over the idea that a guy can be a man and still be crafty right?  He might even be able to cook.  Yeah, I think most of us can get at least that far.  But it starts to get a little rough when we talk about sewing.  Can a real man sew?  I think so.  At least I was a man the last time I checked.

I went back to TechShop again and this time I took their introduction to the sewing machine.  I have struggled with my sewing machine a bunch of times, and even managed to cobble together a few things.  I even made a fleece lined cap once.  It was a perfect fit... for a conehead.  The class at TechShop was able to take me further sewing in a two hour class than I had done on my own in months. That's even taking into account that the class is meant to be more of an introduction to the machine than a sewing class.

We were able to switch the machine around to different stitches, adjust the stitches, wind a bobbin, thread the needle and manipulate some of the other settings on the machine.  It was great, and I felt comfortable right away.  The instructor was awesome even though her hand was swollen to mutant proportions by multiple yellowjacket stings earlier in the day.  I was even able to complete the project in the last ten minutes or so of class.  It was just a simple self-lined pouch, but it got us through seam allowances, the machine, ironing and changing the needle.  They even sent us home with our own needles and bobbins since you have to have ones that match the machine when working on the machine there at TechShop.

All in all, a great success and a good time with the exception that my stomach was churning the entire time. Not because I was nervous or worried about sewing my hands to the fabric, but because I had just wolfed down a "Dead Elvis" at Psycho Doughnuts across the street. That bacon, banana, peanut butter and cream monstrosity was not the best thing to wolf down, let alone to eat under any circumstances.

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